About Brass Knucks…

Brass Knucks Apparel Co. is an independent British apparel brand run by one late thirty-something tattooed bloke called James… (Hello :))

I wanted to supply good quality but affordable merch, with creative designs, so I started Brass Knucks in 2015. All products are designed, tested and trialled by myself, with the goal being to offer a good product with a cool design for an honest price.



I’m not a fan of skin-tight t-shirts. That being said, I’m not keen on tees that fit like a tent either. I sampled well over a dozen tees before landing on what has become a staple for Brass Knucks and my wardrobe (floor). Comfort, fit, durability and value.

Whether you’re built like a Greek God or rocking a dad bod – Brass Knucks tees will hit the spot.



All payments are facilitated by PayPal. This means I don’t handle any customer financial information, such as credit or debit card details.
When you make a purchase you can be assured that your financial information is safe.

The website is also protected by a SSL certificate for an extra layer of security.

FAQ: Can I make a purchase without a PayPal account?
Yes! You can still purchase without a Paypal account, just select the Pay by Debit/Credit Card option.