Beard Grooming Kit


Comprises of x2 beard oils, x1 beard balm and x1 Original Knucks Beard Comb and x1 mini comb. Everything you’ll ever need to keep your beard in prime condition!


Our signature ‘Knucks’ beard comb is crafted from from Oak, laser-cut and engraved, then hand finished all in the UK. Delivered in a tin tobacco box, useful for keeping your comb safe or filling with other man stuff you might have. If you’re a proud owner of an awesome beard, you need this in your life!

We design, make and hand-finish all our combs ourselves, here in the UK (Wales to be precise). Nothing is bought in or mass produced… we pride ourselves on creating what we believe to be a cool product, finished to the highest quality.


Scented with bergamot and patchouli, hand-made in Wales from good, old-fashioned, earth grown soybeans. The wax is further enhanced with the finest carefully selected botanical oils, adding to its performance characteristics.

– 100% vegetable, made with pure soybean oil

– Natural and biodegradable

– Manufactured meeting FDA standards

– Kosher certified

– Not tested on animals

– No Petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products

– No Pesticides or herbicides

– No toxic materials

– No genetically modified material


COMB: 95mm x 74mm

BALM: 40mm x 40mm / 15ml



Each comb is hand finished and the grain and colouration may vary slightly from comb to comb. No two will ever be identical.