Our Story

Brass Knucks Apparel Co. is an independent British clothing brand. No hype, no pretence, no bullshit. We’re here to establish ourselves as a rugged, honest brand with old school values.

Our designs combine British style with Americana influences. All products are sourced from ethical, sweatshop-free suppliers, designed and screen printed in the UK. Our beard combs are designed, made from Oak and hand finished here in Wales, UK.




The Brass Knucks family continues to grow. As we gain momentum we’ve started looking for people to join our crew and help build our brand here and overseas. Thanks to a handful of folks who share our values we’re establishing a foothold in the UK, Europe, US, Canada and Australia.

What does it take to become a Brass Knucks brand ambassador for us?… only a few things really, you need to have a decent follower count and be in an area we currently don’t have any one representing us. You need to share our zero tolerance to bullshit and have a general attitude of fuck it, let’s get on with it. If your afraid to get your hands dirty you’re probably not we’re looking for.

*UPDATE* January, 2017
We’re currently not actively seeking any new ambassadors just at the moment, but will be looking to recruit in the near future.

FRED   Instagram: @fredrhoden   Territory: USA, South East
MICHAEL   Instagram: @michaelrmd  Territory: Belgium
DAZ   Instagram: @daz_yidboy_griggs  Territory: UK, East
  PATRICK   Instagram: @franknbeenzy  Territory: South Australia
KIMBER   Instagram: @kimber_de_amore   Territory: USA, West Coast
SI   Instagram: @coolston  Territory: UK, South Wales
AIMEE   Instagram: @aimeebelle13x  Territory: UK, South East

flag_ger  SEB   Instagram: @sepp_villain  Territory: Germany